Puas shah ? -.-

Whats up bloggyyy blogg :D
I miss blogging actually, but because of the fact that I dont blog much nowadays makes myself feels like a newbie in blogging.

I dont know what to say anymore.

My life is obviously boring. I have to find a topic to blog. A general topic.

Bye bye people, will do come back with a topic. Kena cari ilham dulu. :D

Pulau Duyung

Love the view


pictures from the roadshow. Toodles !

first impression lasts longer
You are seriously playing with me right ? What is your purpose man ? Like seriously. I think I should just get it over and done with. Thanks :)

Soo, hello fellow readers.

Today was a little bit better than the rest of my dull and boring days. I woke up late, as usual, had lunch and did pretty much what i do everyday. Then later today I followed mama to Taipan bcse she wants to go to the mosque and I have to return Pizza Hut's uniform and card and so on. Ive to wait for mother till 10 so I hanged with the friends for a while.

Played pool with Leman and Raja, and I won TWO games, i think. haha. Leman said I still have a lot to practice. Yeah yeah 'mentor'. :D

I guess tmr will be just like any other boring days. I cant wait to go to work man. At least I have something better to do while earning money. RIGHHT ? gosh, I think I keep talking about the same thing in every post.


I watched The House Bunny just now but due to the stupid Internet Explorer, I managed to watch half of it and I cant continue. I appreciate it Internet Explorer. Thanks for ruining my movie-watching spirit. hehe.

Ikram asked me to work with him and sell F1 tickets after CNY but Ive promised Trevor that I'd help him on selling F1's merchandise. BUT, he hasnt confirmed with me about anything. So how now ? you tell me.

Now now now now, Im eager to know who's whose Valentineeess ? hehe, since I wont be having one, I wld LOVE to hear some nice love stories from anyone. So, anybody who has some interesting Valentine's stories, spill them to me kay. I have nothing better to do. haha.

But you know what, in my point of view, I feel that you dont have to wait for that one particular day in a year to celebrate your love toward anyone right ? I mean, really, why cant you just make everyday a Valentine's day ? FOR ME, Valentine's day is like for single people to make it even more special to highlight their love and passion to anyone they fancy right ? To specialize their love as it is a very lovery dovey day. That's it !

For couples, just to make it something, they do stuffs they do everyday ? They go watch movies, have dinner and things. KAAANNN ?

You should celebrate your love everyday people, not just one day. Come on ladies and gentlemen, work with me here ! Love them everyday, I love you, You love me, We love each other ! haha okay thats a tad too far.

Oh well, for some people. Love is amazing. For some, Love is bullshit. For me, Love is just plain love.


Aww look at them having Starbucks together, holding hands. Too sweet :)

Bye bye, Loveess :D

p/s : OH YA, i LOVE the song All Cried Out - Allure ft 112. LOVEEEESS <3

you make me smile
What's up my man,

I am so pissed about the weather man. Why does it have to be so hot ? I am suffering here. Seriously, eventhough im in my house I can still feel the heat. EVEN BETTER, the sun shines directly towards my room, and my curtain is very thin so everyday at 8am or 9am ill be sweating, so ive to switch to another room which is very gloomy. Thank god that room is empty. Thats the reason on why I am so tanned eventhough I sit at home everyday.
Okay thats the end of my whine on the weather. hehe.

Fever is being such a bitch by coming and going as she wishes. And giving me body aches, headaches. Thanks babe, I need this. Okay I was being sarcastic ey.

Well, well. This Sunday is Valentine's day :) Love is in the air I suppose ? haha. Not for me. I dont think I will be celebrating V day this year. Id rather sit at home and do nothing. Kan kan ?

Ohmygodd. You know whaaaaat, I may be working on this 15th at KLCC and this 20th at KLIA till April. That sucks right. hehe. But at least better than wasting my time at home.


To pay back my absent-ness, Ill upoad some random photos kay. Bye bye.

These are the pictures of the Shell girls's reunion at Fullhouse, Sunway. It is a very sweet place to have dinner or lunch with your loved one :)

Lovely girls. <3

Fionaa :)

<3 style="color: rgb(153, 153, 153);"> Legion. It ws awesome :)


Tasha <3

The bestf, HisyamtheHagrid :D

haha, wasn't ready.

These are the photos from work. Fana and I worked as promoters for Modenas. And guess where did we worked ? BATU CAVES ! haha yes. And we worked during Thaipusam. It was challenging but we gained a lot of experience :)

Very the Rempss. hahaha

Big boss :D

Baby :)

Wont wanna miss the enormous statue of the Hindu's god :)

These are from 26th Jan. Fara's birthday.


Q <3

Tiya <3333 i love you so much kay. Get well soon honey.

Thats about it i guess. Loves :)

caught in a bad romance.
ohmygod i cannot believe that im actually blogging.


if its not friends, its boys, its family and EVERYTHING.

sometimes i feel as if i can depend on nobody except my phone and the songs in it. so by that i can talk to nobody. i do have my two babies but they too have their own life to think about right so i cant actually burden them with mine.

and i decided to blog about everything just now. and so here i am.

HM. problems have been very confusing to me you know. and about studies, i cant quite make up my mind on what am i going to do. SHIT.

ALSO, i broke up with that guy fr about 2 months now. and i plan to stay single for some time now. not to be very the jiwang right but my love life is VERY messed up right now. thats why i decided not to get tied up with anybody now. not to have any feelings for anyone. push them aside yeah. all this, is bullshit.

i dont have anyone to turn toooo :(

oh ya, just for the record, my one and only grandmother passed away last friday. to be honest, i dont know how to react to it. i mean i havent lost any close relatives till now. so im very frustrated.


to a simple conclusion, my life is at the bottom of the wheel right now so i guess i just have to deal with it, no ?

loves out :)

Ohmygod what the hell ?
Why the hell did you add me up for ? I dont even know you existed bfre this ? There's nothing that i know abt you and i assume you dnt know anything about me as well. And don't tell me it's because I talked to him on the site fr a couple of times. Please, youre just like those girls who minds about everybody else and loves sticking your nose up anybody's business. Oh gosh you are such a pest.

WELL, hello everybody ! :)

It is 6.22pm in the evening and I admit that I havent taken my bath yet. HEHE. Oh ya ! Ive work tmr, hear that, Ive WORK. hahaha ! I'll be working in Pizza Hut taipan for the time being. Yes people to earn my own MONAYH. You know the blue ones, red ones, purple ones. HAHA.

New Year ws okay but a bit pain in the ass at first, I had fun only during the countdown. Bcse of the spray thingy. Other than that, all of it was crap.

2010 has arrived, so that means a whole new year, a whole new year means a whole new life. Correct ? Ill abid to whatever that Ive agreed with myself earlier this year, I hope. Hehe. Well apart frm LIFE, I plan to take Psychology later. About the piloting, ugh, not very sure. Okay this is confusing. Ill let you guys know what'll happen to my future ogayh.

This year has also showed me who's my TRUEfriends and who's not. Who's my former bestf and who's not. Who puts Boyfriends first and who doesnt. Right. Ive a lot of bestfs who did some shits towards me and also others so, Imma put you aside and let you go on your lovely little life. Agreed ?

This is boring.



Id fight for you, Id lie, its true
I AM WILLING TO ! Hooooyyeaaaahhh ! :D

I dont know why but I FEEL SO SAD RIGHT THS MOMENT. Oh so god help me. I feel like attempting a suicide right now. CEH, ahaha but Im serious. I cant bear this feeling. I feel so DOWN to the ground. IT RHYMES so whattheheck, haha.

Tmr Ive a class reunion at Sunway. Im surprised I don't feel excited at all. I don't feel anything right now. OHMAGAAAADDD, :'(

THEN sleepover at Fana's. Thurs morning Ive a casting with Tiya and Fana. Then NEW YEAR. WHICH i dont even have any plans yet. Everything is ridiculously expensive nowadays and going everywhere is a BORE. Kill me man.

I am now currently addicted to the song Shots. Hahaha I dont know why.

Okay Imma watch GG now.

Byebye. I AM FEELING DOWN. Daaaaammnn.